Christmas Gifts: Custom Photobooks

Hello! For the last few days I have been working on a couple of Photobooks via Mixbook. I was totally a scrapbooker back in the day, but these are a great way to use digital photos and actually use them in the real world.

I am having two books printed this weekend: one for my BF with images from all our 2013 travels and one for next summer for guests to sign at the cottage. Here’s a sneak peak of the covers for each book:

For the “Explore” book, I used the Modern Europe template, but got creative with some pages to include more images.  This year we traveled (together) to NYC twice, Malta, Bali, Gili T, Singapore, and Nashville. That doesn’t include the trips we took independently, such my my trip to Ireland for Easter last year. Here’s a gallery with a few of the images I used for the book. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will let you know how the books turn out, and share images from my guest book in a future post.


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