As I mentioned, I am currently on the hunt for a condo in the city. As a result, I am constantly editing what to do when I find said condo: do I do something new, something with bold, bright colours? Or do I stick with pastels, which is what I have right now? Recently, I have been obsessed with gold accents. I haven’t figured out how to make them work with my current brown/cream/pale blue/pale green colour scheme, but I have time to sort that out.

Will you be adding any of these items to your home over the holidays?

Here are a few of the items currently on my mind:

A round up of some of my favourite gold items I've pinned in the last few weeks.

A round up of some of my favourite gold items I’ve pinned in the last few weeks.

L-R, starting at the top:

– A classic glam combo, this Gold & White pillow would brighten up any home

– These art deco lowball glasses would be a great addition to my current set of IKEA glasses, even though they are hand-wash only

– I would use these gold pinch bowls to replace my old, scratched up IKEA salad bowls

– I would love to serve one of my favourite DavidsTea flavours, Organic Gold Rush, in this amazing mug 

This print takes me to Paris and back with one quick glance. I love the gold on black; hung by a makeup table, it would make me smile every morning when getting out of bed.

– My sister bought us last year’s version of these alphabet mugs. Maybe time to add something new and sparkly to the shelves?

– How can this pillow not make you smile?

– These lowball glasses make me proud to be Canadian.

– Hanging this confetti painting would mean I don’t have to choose between silver and gold.

A few items great for any get together.

A few items great for any get together.

And a few items for your holiday – or any day – get togethers (clockwise from top left):

– The buyers at Indigo are clearly as in love with gold as I am. This decanter is one of many items on the site featuring gold confetti.

– Full-on glitter serving sets. Oh, yes please.

– These coasters are mix and match and have a few golden patterns. I liked the graphic appeal of this one. http://www.brika.com/mix-match-coasters-set-of-4

P.S. GlitterGuide did a great post on this colour scheme for the holidays! Check it out here.