Sunday Dinner

I grew up in a home with a working Dad and a stay-at-home Mom. My Dad travelled a lot for work, so Sundays were usually our last chance before the week started to have dinner as a family, and my Mom is a great cook, so we always ate especially well on Sundays. As a result, I have always thought of Sundays as a time to spend with loved ones.

When I moved to Toronto in 2010, I found a great way to bring people together was to invite everyone over to dinner Sunday night. My core group of girlfriends didn’t have family nearby, and reused it as a chance to catch up and prepare for the week ahead. Kitchen jobs were divvied up, as was the grocery bill, and everyone went home with a full stomach and lunch for the following day.

Why tell you all this? Well, on Saturday’s I want to share recipes you might make for your family to enjoy on a Sunday evening (whether they be related by blood or love). One my my fave cooks is Donna Hay, so it only makes sense to start with one of my favourite meals from her books, Baked Italian Chicken. This recipe, which NoshBites has shared here, is a super easy crowd pleaser, perfect for a busy Sunday spent running errands or watching football.

I usually pair it with an easy rice, such as Uncle Bens Wild Rice (whatever flavour you prefer) or a super easy side pasta, using some pesto set aside BEFORE making the chicken.

Then it is just a matter of including your favourite healthy veggie or salad, and you have a great meal on the table! Personally, I have been enjoying this sautéed Kale (usually No Frills here in Canada has great quality Kale), and I think it would work as a side with the yummy pesto chicken.

So how would I pull it all together?


1. Start with heating the oven and putting the water on to boil.

2. Prep the chicken and put it in the oven. SET THE TIMER!

3. Once the water boils, put the pasta on to cook. If you are confident in your oven, you can time the pasta to be done a minute or two before the chicken, and then you only need one timer.

4. While everything else is cooking, prep the kale. I like the stems especially once cooked, so I don’t bother cutting them out. Then throw it all in a pan on the stove top, and it should be done before your pasta timer goes off.

5. Remove kale from heat, coat pasta with pesto, and add chicken to the plate.

5. Enjoy!

For dessert, I love to serve ice cream in tea cups because it is simple and keeps portion sizes limited.

That’s my story – how do you recharge and reconnect for the week ahead?


Okay, not quite this meal, but gives you an idea of what I like to do in the kitchen! Keep an eye out for this one in the future 🙂